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Fill It In Road Hazard Reporting
The aim of the Fill It In website is to bring together the various means available in which riders can report road faults and hazards.

You can report a fault to Councils and the Highways Agency directly or through the Direct Gov and Handle or Lose it website.

Road Hazard Cards
You can still use the Road Hazard Warning Cards together as a supplement or backup to reporting a road hazard and as a reminder when you are out and about.

We always welcome feedback and encourage you to drop us an e-mail and pictures of any hazards you come across.

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the heart soul of biking

In 2001 the Motorcycle Action Group stepped up its war on road hazards by producing a “Road Hazard Warning” card.

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Diesel Spills
The spillage of diesel fuel is particularly dangerous for riders. Occurring when a vehicle’s fuel tank has been filled or overfilled and/or the tank cap is either faulty, or even missing.

Diesel Spills Danger
The result is a very slippery and invisible surface of which the motorcyclist has no warning and it almost inevitably results in the rider and machine parting company, often with serious consequences for the rider.

Clean Up Diesel
Diesel Spills on the highway are not being mopped up correctly, some road authorities are continuing the use of sand and stone chippings which create a further hazard instead of more appropriate materials and tactics.

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