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We always welcome feedback on issues and below you will find reports from riders who have used the MAG yellow “Road Hazard Cards” to report hazards to councils.

However, it is clear that the process of reporting road hazards is handled in a huge variety of ways.

Anti Skid Surface Man Hole Cover
Anti Skid Surface Man Hole Cover
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Has the hazard been fixed?

When was in fixed?

Was it fixed satisfactory?

What is satisfactory?

Do the councils have guidelines?

Do these reflect specific needs of motorcycles?

Where do you go - what do you do if repairs or hazards are not completed?

What can riders and the Motorcycle Action Group do to insure that the UK’s roads are up to scratch

Watch This Space

We are currently looking at formulating a data base of road hazards that have been reported to councils, the response times of the repair and the result - good or bad.

So watch this space on how you can help.

In the meantime you can receive MAG information and get active: Here

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East Riding & Network Rail

Posted 20th March 2007


I recently reported two quite large potholes to my local council (East Riding), they informed me that the potholes had been reported but were not their responsibility as they are just under the barriers of a level crossing (Network Rail).

The chap gave me a telephone number, not the right department!!! After about 5 different numbers I called 08457 114 141 and the guy on the phone e-mailed someone else and gave me a reference number.

Sorry about the novel but I thought you might like to know.


East Yorks Rep

Dangerous Road Surfaces - From The Archive

  1. I would like to inform you of the very dangerous surface of the Dual carriage-way section of Canal Street (LS22 2), as you exit the roundabout at New Wortley (Armley Gyratory) going towards Pudsey and Bradford. 

    This section of road contains a number of ruts potholes, which are potentially dangerous to road users. The carriage-way in the opposite direction (leading to the round-about) is also rapidly deteriorating as well.
  2. A31 West bound carriageway at Shepherd and Flock roundabout Farnham Surrey.

    Joining A31 from Alton Hampshire at Holybourne roundabout consistent diesel from overfilled tanks (almost certainly local School bus firm - Altonian Coaches whose depot is nearby.

    VERY poor road surface on VERY busy cut through Old Odiham Road Alton Hampshire, particularly at junction with Anstey Lane.

    Tilford Road Nr Farnham Surrey at Junction with Bourne Grove appalling surface (reported direct to council 15/03/06. Promised to patch and schedule for resurface).

    Coast Hill on the A25 Nr Wotton Dorking Surrey poor surface.

    Substantial sections of the A272 (a well know high risk road) East of Petworth. Recently resurface and now marked speed restricted to 30mph from National, due to SLIPPERY ROAD SURFACE!!!

    A25 East bound at Traffic lights on junction of Westcott Road (A25) and Vincent Lane. Several metres of Red surface laid on approach to roundabout (high grip???). Surface has loosened and constant gives extremely slippery loose surface to prevent effective braking AND acceleration from lights.

    The technology exists to provide high grip surfaces on key inspection covers yet no authority I am aware of uses this technology. Inspection covers which exist on riding lines particularly on bends MUST be provided with high grip covers as opposed to the traditional lethal metal covers.

  3. Here's a list of the crap I have to ride over nearly every day:

    A4061. Blackmill Road. Leaving Bryncethin heading North, 300m after nat. speed limit sign on Blackmill Bends, at bottom of hill on right-hand corner. Poor backfill and heavy overbanding. Throws 'bike off line towards oncoming traffic or towards Armco on outside of bend. Bridgend CB Council.

    A4061. Oak Ridge. Between Blackmaill and Pant-yr-awel, heading North, 500m after leaving Blackmill. Deep ridge, not visible 'til 'bike's 5m away. Throws bike severely off-line towards kerb. Seen many riders not familiar with road almost thrown out of seat, most getting scarily close to kerb before regaining control. Same corner often has frozen water on it in Winter - run-off from adjoining fields. Bridgend CB Council.

    A4061. Aber Road. Between Nant-y-moel and Ogmore Vale. Newly resurfaced last Summer but deeply ridged and new surface breaking up already. Throws 'bike off-line on every corner, towards oncoming traffic or a kerb with long drop alongside. Bridgend CB Council.

    A4061. Junction Ogmore Terrace and Heol Spencer. Roundabout with frequent diesel spills. Council usually cleans it up pretty quickly, but finding the source would be better. Bridgend CB Council.

    B4265. Between Ewenny and St Bride's Major. Corners with overbanding and ridging. Throws 'bikes towards oncoming traffic, cliff face or long drop. Also, much mud on road outside quarries - makes 'bikes aquaplane at very low speeds. Bridgend CB Council.
  4. A severe example of existing highway defects (previously reported to Herts CC, but no acceptable remedial action to date), can be found at St. Albans Road j/w Bignells Corner Roundabout (by South Mimms M25 services).

    Consists of bad temporary reinstated potholes, severe general wear & tear of the c/way surface, and worn out/ missing c/way markings, including the "giveway" marking at the junction
  5. One example is the Birkenhead tunnel. The drainage covers are in the nearside lane in mid carriageway (motorcycles are usually in this lane due to the position of the motorcycle exit.) These covers in some cases are loose and move as a motorcycle crosses them. They are all sunken and occur every 100 yards or so. I have reported them to the staff who seem disinterested, these are run and maintained by Merseyrail.


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